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Septic Tank Emptying Dublin

We at Drain Away offer full septic tank emptying in Dublin. With years of experience and a good reputation, we are your number-one choice for all your septic tank maintenance needs. Our fully trained and qualified technicians will get the job done efficiently and effectively making us the reliable choice for septic tank emptying. The cost of septic tank emptying will depend on tank size and location.

Septic Tank Emptying dublin

How it Works

Septic tank emptying is the removal of sludge, solids and wastewater from your septic tank to prevent overflow and to ensure it’s working properly. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Inspection: Our experienced technicians inspect your septic tank system to see how full it is and to identify any problems.
  2. Emptying: We use the latest equipment to empty the contents of your septic tank and clean your septic tank to prevent any problems.
  3. Disposal: The waste is then removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and in line with regulations.
  4. Maintenance: We give you maintenance tips and advice to keep your septic tank in good condition.

Grants available for septic tank emptying in Dublin from €5,000 to €12,000. Contact us to see if you qualify and how to apply.

Septic Tank Emptying Dublin

DRAIN AWAY is your go-to for professional septic tank emptying in Dublin. Our trained and fully licensed technicians are dedicated to providing the best septic tank cleaning service.

We service both domestic and commercial customers so your septic system will be in top condition. When looking for septic tank cleaning companies in Dublin DRAIN AWAY is the one to call for the best service and customer satisfaction.

We service all areas of Dublin with our 24/7 response team, providing septic tank services including inspection, emptying and maintenance throughout Dublin and Ireland.

Our services are designed to be efficient and professional. We strive for 5-star service and 100% customer satisfaction. We want to make sure your septic tank is working properly to prevent any problems and costly repairs.

Call our friendly team now: 1800 938 837. We can help with all your septic tank needs, with professional, reliable and efficient service in Dublin.

Need emergency help? Call right away! 087 2114053

Why Septic Tank Emptying is Important

Septic tank emptying is important for several reasons:

  • Prevents Groundwater Contamination: A full septic tank can cause leaks and contamination of groundwater which can be a health risk to your family and the environment. Regular maintenance of septic tanks is necessary to avoid this.
  • Avoids Costly Repairs: Routine maintenance will save you from expensive repairs and replacements by keeping your septic system in good working order.
  • Keeps it Efficient: Regular cleaning will keep your septic tank system working efficiently and prevent backups and overflows.

Why Choose DRAIN AWAY for Septic Tank Emptying Dublin

Choosing DRAIN AWAY for your septic tank emptying in Dublin means you get:

  • Professional Service: Our trained technicians provide reliable and efficient service.
  • Full Service: We do total drain cleaning, septic tank cleaning and maintenance so you get a full septic tank cleaning service to the highest standards.
  • Minimum Mess: We will do the job with minimum disruption to your property.
  • Expert Advice: Our team will advise you on how to maintain your septic tank and prevent future problems.

Septic Tank Emptying Emergency Dublin

We know septic tank problems can happen at any time. That’s why we offer emergency septic tank emptying in Dublin. Our team is 24/7 to respond to your emergency and get your septic system back to normal asap.

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Septic Tank Emptying Dublin: Areas We Cover

We service septic tank emptying throughout Dublin including:

  • Dublin City Centre
  • Ballsbridge
  • Rathmines
  • Tallaght
  • Blanchardstown
  • Swords
  • Lucan
  • Clondalkin
  • Dundrum
  • Donnybrook
  • Phibsborough
  • Drumcondra
  • Ranelagh
  • Sandymount

Wherever you are in Dublin we can help.


We are honored to have won our consumers’ trust.

We are proud to have earned the trust and confidence of our customers through our commitment to excellence and exceptional service.

Patrick Kenny


Very good service I had a different drain business to come to my home last year to unblock my drains and I found drain away a better service. I would highly recommend this company.

Nathan Hegarty


I had drainaway to unblock my drain and they found a collapsed drain and they had a drain camera to find where the problem was I found there service very cheap for the technology and the equipment they had. I rang around and I found them the most affordable drain company. 10 out of 10 from me.

Septic Tank Emptying Dublin FAQs

How often should I have my septic tank emptied?

Every 3-5 years depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using it.

What are the signs my septic tank needs emptying?

Slow drains, bad smells, water pooling around the septic tank area and sewage backups.

Can I get a grant for septic tank emptying?

Yes, grants from €5,000 to €12,000 are available. Contact us to see if you qualify and how to apply.

Is septic tank emptying a messy job?

No, our team will do the job efficiently and cleanly with minimum disruption to your property.

What areas do you cover in Dublin?

We cover all areas of Dublin including Dublin City Centre, Ballsbridge, Rathmines, Tallaght, Blanchardstown and more.

Regular septic tank emptying is important to keep your septic system healthy and functioning. DRAIN AWAY offer professional and reliable septic tank emptying in Dublin. Get in touch today to book an appointment and keep your septic tank running smoothly.

How to Book Septic Tank Emptying in Dublin

Booking our septic tank emptying service in Dublin is easy and stress free. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer you can book an appointment by calling our customer service team or using our online booking system.

We will work with you to find a time that suits you and your daily routine. We will do the job with minimum disruption to your property and give you expert advice on your septic tank system.

Let us take care of your septic tank emptying needs.

Whether you’re looking for a simple repair or a complete drain unblocking, installation, maintenance and septic system upgrade, we’re here to help.