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All you need to know about drain cleaning & unblocking, septic tank emptying, what we do best!

When do I need the Drain Away team to clean and unblock my drains?

When you have a blocked drain most of the time it will be visible your toilet might not flush correctly or your manhole outside might be overflowing.

How much does drain cleaning my house drains cost generally?

A general drain clean in a domestic house usually costs between €100 and €200.

Where do Drain Away service in Ireland?

Drain Away have locations all across Ireland to give our domestic and commercial customers a quick nationwide service.

Are your team insured?

We have full public and employers liability insurance.

Do your team follow Covid guidelines?

Our Drain Away team follow all covid guidelines such as always wearing a mask and gloves when entering a house or business premises keeping a social distance from others and our payment system is fully contactless.

What type of drain cleaning is the best, that you specialise in?

The most common way to clean your drains is with a high pressure jetting system.

In high-pressure water jetting, high-pressure water is forced to pass through the small hole or orifice of the jet nozzle, where the restriction of the small orifice results in a high-pressure water stream.

How long does it take to unblock my drains?

90% of blockages are resolved within 1 hour.

How long of a response time from when I make a booking?

We operate a 24/7 call out and can get to your home or business within 1-2 hours of your call.

We are the best Drain Cleaning and Unblocking experts in Ireland, call the Drain Cleaning team that you can trust to get the job done.



When do I need the Drainaway team to empty my septic tank?

When it is over flowing or bad smell coming from it.  It will get to a point where the drainage field stops accepting water. When this happens water will back up into the overflow tank. Water levels will rise to the very top of capacity.

How often does a septic need emptying?

To keep your septic tank system running correctly, your septic tank needs to be pumped out or emptied every 2 years. It is extremely important to keep your septic tank maintained.

How much does it cost to empty a septic tank in Ireland?

Its cost between €200 and €300.

What happens if you never pump your septic tank?

The solids from your septic tank will get into your percolation system and the whole system will block up. If you fail to pump your septic tank, you are basically exposing the soil surrounded by the system to harmful untreated water, risking clogging the system, risking clogging your drainage pipes. The longer you wait to pump your septic tank, the more layers stack on top of each other. More layers mean more difficulty cleaning it. Remember, in order to pump out the sludge, it needs to be mixed with water. This is done by pouring water into the tank, pulling it out, and pouring it back in again and again until the tank is clean. There may be some mild scrubbing involved too, but scraping it becomes a very painstaking task. In rare cases, every layer of solidified sludge means an additional layer that can’t be cleaned, thus reducing the tank’s capacity. If a septic tank has never been pumped, chances are that cleaning it would be more expensive than getting it replaced.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries on drain cleaning & unblocking, septic tank emptying, grease trap emptying, we’re here to help. You can also book an appointment with us at a time and date that suits you. We look forward to hearing from you.